Autumn Pies

I’ve been baking up a storm of pies this month in anticipation of Autumn! The weather finally turned cool this week, and we celebrated the weekend with some of our favorite fall flicks, a Saturday pot roast, and Sunday brunch quiche (the yummiest quiche ever!! Recipe and pics below).

Sunday afternoon was spent adventuring on Sauvie Island outside of Portland. It’s an amazing and beautiful island full of farm stands, wildlife, and gorgeous views of the Columbia River, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens. We always have to struggle through a bit of traffic to make it out there, but it’s well worth the effort and is one of our favorite destinations for U-Pick fruit and outdoor fun.

Sunday we headed out to pick pumpkins at Bella Organic Farm and grab some Ryan’s Apple Cider from The Pumpkin Patch next door to Bella’s. I also grabbed a huge bale of hay for $7 and I can’t wait to share pics of all my cute Autumn decor- the house is looking festive inside and out!

It was a lovely weekend all around.

Now time to talk about pies!!

Here is the star of the weekend in all its creamy cheesy goodness:

(You get a little sneak peak of my fall decor in the background there!)

I adapted the quiche from this recipe from The Creative Bite. We’ve made this same quiche about five times now and every time it turns out amazing! I will recommend that you omit the Parmesan cheese. It can *sometimes* clump in the quiche, so we just replace it with more cheddar or cream cheese.

This go-around we also subbed out organic chicken apple sausage for ham and omitted the asparagus because we didn’t have any on hand. We always use about three times more scallions than the recipe calls for and sometimes we throw in chopped spinach or other veggies we have on hand. This just goes to show how adaptable the quiche is- feel free to play around with ingredients—especially fillings— to your taste!

Ohhh cheesy goodness.

My other two pies this week came from this cookbook:

I can’t recommend this book enough; it’s so full of amazing, creative pie recipes and every one I’ve ever baked has turned out deliciously! It’s my favorite cookbook by far. I use Ashley’s basic pie dough recipe and my husband LOVES it. It’s very basic, but it’s an all-butter pie dough and I’m pretty sure that butter is the key to the yum factor.

The first pie I baked was an apple and pear tart, adapted from Ashley’s Pear Crostata. I obviously made a tart instead of the crostata, and I only had four pears so I threw two apples in there to help fill it out. It was a simple but sweet autumn dessert and I love that it wasn’t as thick and fill as a pie. It was the perfect balance of savory crust and sweet filling.

My second pie, and by far the best of the week, was Ashley’s Chicken Pot Pie. On Monday, I bought a $10 organic rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and baked this bad boy up. It was the first time I’ve tried this recipe and this pie was by far the best chicken pot pie I’ve had in my life! There’s not much more to be said about it. Just buy this amazing book and make this pie ASAP!

Sorry I didn’t get a pic of the inside. It disappeared pretty quickly!

That’s it’s for my week in pies! I will hopefully be doing some more baking this week and will attempt to get some fall decor pics up. Happy first week of Autumn everyone!! 🍁🍂


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