Camping on the Oregon Coast

We’ve now lived in Oregon for almost two months, wahoo! The adjustment to city life has been difficult and during the first few weeks, we were anxious to get out of Portland and explore other parts of the state.


The transition has been especially difficult for our three dogs, who went from having their own yard (almost an acre!) to living in a third-story apartment with NO outdoor space. Instead, they get 4 to 5 walks per day around a busy city neighborhood. Needless to say, we had to get them out of the city and take them somewhere they could have space to run and play for a few days.


We’d been talking and talking about taking this trip, but one week before Independence Day, we still hadn’t made any plans. One night, I decided to check out the Oregon State Parks website just to explore our options for camping, and I was shocked to find out that almost all the campsites were totally booked for the following two weekends! Oh no! I did a quick search, found a campsite that was available for two nights during the week  (Sam’s last week off work!), and I booked it right then. At 11:30 p.m. on a Monday. And we would be leaving for the trip on Wednesday morning. Ahh!


It was a crazy rush on Tuesday to get everything ready to go, but it was well worth the stress and last minute chaos. We headed out to the Oregon coast early Wednesday morning and we had the BEST. CAMPING TRIP. EVER. It was so much fun, and we LOVED the Oregon coast. It was so beautiful, and surprising, and amazingly weird.


We camped at Cape Lookout State Park in Tillamook, Oregon and we highly recommend the park to anyone who is looking to camp on the coast! We were steps from the beach, the facilities were very well kept, and we loved the scenery. It was also a few miles from Netarts Bay, which we discovered on our drive into the park. It’s an awesome place to dig for clams and people were also wading into the shallow water to snag crabs. Sam and I have never cooked fresh clams or crabs, but we plan to research this more before our next trip so that we can cook some over the camp fire!

We’re planning to revisit Cape Outlook sometime this summer so we can do more hiking (not a possibility this trip with the pups, unfortunately. Our oldest, Darcy, has back issues and anything more than two miles is difficult for all of them!).

On our second day of the trip, we drove south along the coast all the way to Florence, Oregon. The drive was amazing and we passed through so many cute little seaside towns. The parts of the drive that were undeveloped, like the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, were by far our most favorite. On our trip home Thursday, we drove North through Cannon Beach and Astoria. Cannon Beach was by far the cutest seaside town and we can’t wait to take a long weekend trip there as well.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

Does anyone have any recommendations for other great places along the Oregon coast to camp, hike or visit? We’d love to hear from you!

Happy camping!



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