CSA Week #2 and Week #4

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The past few weeks have been busy, busy, busy with Sam going back to work, a spontaneous camping trip to the Oregon coast, and the challenging task of figuring out what to do with all our CSA veggies! More about that camping trip later! For now, check out the piles of crunchy, fresh goodies we got for our CSA shares during weeks #2 and #4 (totally forgot to take a picture for week #3- oops!)

Week #2IMG_0033

Week #4IMG_0065

So what the heck did we do with all these veggies?!! To be honest, some of them were wasted. It makes me so sad to say it, but we were overwhelmed with the number of veggies sitting in our fridge and we just didn’t get around to using them all before they went bad- especially the week of our camping trip because we left town for three days and everything just sat there! This was during weeks 2-3 and I am actually glad it happened because it inspired us to plan so much better for week 4.

This week, as soon as we picked the veggies up, we set out to plan meals for the entire week and incorporate all of the yummy produce we received. I found this handy magnetic dry-erase weekly planner at Target for $4 and thought it would be perfect for meal planning. IMG_0070

So far this week, with our CSA goodies we’ve made:

  • three large salads with greens and cucumbers
  • breakfast potatoes with onion and garlic (we got garlic in week #2’s box!)
  • homemade roasted french fries
  • cauliflower fried rice with carrots and baby snap peas
  • carrots, fennel, and zucchini roasted in garlic and olive oil (during this particular dinner we discovered that we really dislike fennel. Like, never going to allow it in our house again kind of dislike. No offense to fennel lovers, you weirdos.)
  • spring onion soup (my favorite dish of the week so far! Recipe coming soon)

You can notice in the meal planning photo from above that we are doing our second round of Whole30 this summer. So all of the recipes on the meal planner are “paleo” versions and I will probably share some recipes in the following weeks.

Some of our CSA goodies, like the blueberries, went straight into the freezer because I am saving them for baking later this summer (when we’ve finished the Whole30!)

Investing in the CSA share has definitely had some positive benefits, including saving us money, encouraging us to eat more veggies every day, and getting us to try new foods (even if we learn that we hate them, like fennel!).

As the summer goes on, we’re hoping to learn more about preserving and trying some new recipes for stuff like salsa and pesto to use up all the herbs we get in our share!

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned later this week for pictures of our “campcation” to the coast, some Whole30 recipes and a picture of our new CSA share on Sunday!

Happy Cooking!


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