Whole30— Week 1 Complete!

Today marks Day 8 of the Whole30 for me and Sam. WAHOO!

Whole30 Banner

In the past, it’s been really difficult for me to stick with diet changes and healthy eating plans. I usually fizzle out around day three. In fact, I tried Whole30 back in December, immediately after finishing my first read of It Starts With Food. I don’t at all blame myself for not completing the program then- I lasted three days (told ya) and used it as an opportunity to experiment with the program and the rules. It was difficult for many reasons.

#1: I jumped into it with very little prep.

#2: Sam wasn’t on board to do it with me (yet); it’s so difficult to follow a healthy eating plan when your spouse is chomping down on pizza and ice cream and all the other yummy treats you love. I’m so glad he’s supporting me during this round by doing the program with me (Thanks a million, sweetie!!)

#3: We were traveling A LOT in December. Like driving from Upstate NY (think Canada- we live 30 miles from the border) straight through to Florida. Yes, that’s a 20 hour drive with no hotel or sleeping stops. We also had three dogs and a fully packed SUV. It was a LONG trip, to say the least. It wasn’t a fun drive and it wasn’t easy to eat healthy during the drive when we were driving through the middle-of-nowhere Georgia at 3:00 a.m.

#4: Duh- it was Christmas! We were in Florida with my family which means baking Christmas cookies, eating cranberry sauce, and visiting all my favorite hometown restaurants. An elimination diet was obviously not happening during this trip!

Florida Bound!
Florida Bound!

I was still totally committed to doing a full Whole30, so instead of making myself miserable and attempting it over the holidays, I decided to take a few extra weeks to prepare and plan. I’m so glad I did! Sam decided to jump on board and do the program with me, too! I guess the 20 hour drive (during which I talked nonstop about the program) convinced him.

We started on Monday, Jan. 11, 2016… meaning we just finished our first week of the program!! I’m so happy and so proud of us for making it this far!

So how am I feeling after the first week?!

The exact same as one week ago, but a little more tired possibly. And this is totally expected. The program specifically outlines the fact that it *typically* takes about two weeks to feel big changes like and increase in energy, digestion improvement, improved athletic performance, etc.

The only noticeable difference is that my face looks oh so slightly thinner to me. I’m probably imagining it. Does my skin look a little brighter, too?

Me on Day 6
Me on Day #6, snuggling with my sweet Bingley

My goals during the Whole30 definitely include both weight loss/reduction in body fat levels and improved complexion as well as improved digestion, illumination of my severe IBS symptoms, and the illumination of unexplainable aches and pains (such as chest pain, neck pain, and back pain).

I know that this next week I am going to start feeling a lot better, and I’m so, so excited to continue experimenting with new foods and recipes. I’m also planning to get back into the gym this week after a month-long hiatus. I exercised a few times during my Florida vacation, but since returning I’ve pretty much been a couch potato. The first week of the Whole30 really had me exhausted and cranky most days. I felt much improved this week and hope the energy level continues to rise. Right now, it’s right at the “normal” level I experienced before starting the program.

Whole30 Goals for the Week:

  • Try two new recipes
  • Try a new vegetable
  • Four gym days including a 2 mile run/walk and alternating upper body/lower body weight room sessions
  • Potatoes- only have them twice per week (I think I have a problem with potatoes, so even though they’re “approved” Whole30 foods, for me they may be food-with-no-breaks, meaning I need to control how often I’m eating them. This was a sad realization after eating delicious breakfast potatoes this morning)
  • Begin my re-read of It Starts With Food. I read it almost two months ago and I just feel like I need a re-read for extra motivation and to review all of the science stuff.

It Starts With Food

I’m just going to give one more WAHOO for completing Week #1 of the Whole30 program. I have to say, it really hasn’t been that difficult. I’ve been enjoying the food very much as well as the process of cooking and making things like mayo and coconut milk at home, from scratch. I really hope that Week #2 is just as fun and easy (Day #10 and #11 are supposed to be the most difficult- eek!!).





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